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    welcome mate
  2. matt peebles

    New here

    welcome mate
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    i'm new

    welcome mate
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    Welcome mate
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    New but old

    How come I’m quoted in this ???
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    How the f@€k is everyone

    welcome back mate.
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    welcome mate
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    new member

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    New member

    welcome mate
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    welcome mate
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    welcome mate. tell us a bit about yourself and the dogs you hunt with.
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    welcome mate
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    New on here

    welcome mate.
  15. brisbane hunting supplies does package deals on most of the gear. give Adrian a call he will do you a deal.
  16. you can go a Alpha and TT15 i think they are called. they are a track and train collar. get the best of both worlds in one collar. welcome to the site mate
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    dingo baiting

    Not very effective if that is the only type of controlling they do. Most of the smarter old bitches will teach pups not to touch them. plus its a shit cruel death to whatever eats them. and crows and other birds will pick them up and spreads them about.
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    welcome mate
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    hi all (((-;

    welcome mate
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    Hello from Ireland

    welcome to the site mate. good looking dogs too.
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    welcome mate. tell us a bit about yourself and how you hunt.
  22. you describe it so well its like i was there backing you up with my trusty swiss army knife
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    Hey There Peeps

    welcome to the site frank. how long you lived in cobar ?
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    Hey There Peeps

    terry you and your arabs wouldnt handle it out there.