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  1. 105LW 117LW the last pig I weighed before I lost my scales lol. would of loved to weigh this fella. We were leaving the place and he crossed the track dragging a roadkill roo in his mouth.
  2. most of the places out this way are flicked from the drought mate. still a few stragglers getting about but they arent worth chasing.
  3. that means native to his area ya old fool. go and take your meds and sit in the shade for a bit.
  4. welcome mate. tell us a bit about yourself and the dogs you hunt with.
  5. brisbane hunting supplies does package deals on most of the gear. give Adrian a call he will do you a deal.
  6. you can go a Alpha and TT15 i think they are called. they are a track and train collar. get the best of both worlds in one collar. welcome to the site mate
  7. Not very effective if that is the only type of controlling they do. Most of the smarter old bitches will teach pups not to touch them. plus its a shit cruel death to whatever eats them. and crows and other birds will pick them up and spreads them about.
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