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  1. my name is paul im from the usa, i have been working in oz now for 1 year at the coal mines been looking at a few different hunting site's and as i'm not new to hunting but new to hunting in australia this forum felt like the best place to start until i get a bit more experience. my cousin in the states has been making as you say breast plates for along time now from kevlar material, which is pike proof for prison warden use and i dont understand why you dont use it here, i have i bought a alot into australia now for the as you say blokes i work with in the mines and could not keep up with demand for them they are light and dont hold water im getting alot more soon and hope to post pictures for them as well soon if thats ok i was attracted to this site at the start buy your logo. looks like a pitbull head with cropped ears same as i see on a lot of sites in the states, very common pic back home, but reading here its not the same good site for people starting out. will talk to you all again soon after my next shift paul
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