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  1. pleasure to have you back mate
  2. good to see you back doing what you do best lol
  3. Iv been a member of ozzidoggers from 2007 , now hope the new site goes as well as the old one , Iv meet a lot off people b cause of old boardogs and ozzidoggers and made some good friends along the way and some enemies as well lol . ps one of my aims is to make things hard for the moderates stevo and Julian , just to keep them on there toes lol
  4. and you got a missis :3:
  5. bullygreys ,huntaway ,bullystag, stag/greyhound
  6. False advertising could get you band from this site so throw up some puppies
  7. welcom ben good to see ya on here
  8. Something suss about this post ,i will have to look into it
  9. But its still in there borris ,there just some things you cant change , so those that like the Airedale are actually preferring the breeders choices since then, not so much the Airedale.Choices made from working stock
  10. heres a pic of my male ty , its not the best
  11. hey rooter ,did ya catch up with stevo , he got your package
  12. i got a itch on my baning finger so i will scratch it for now
  13. Ozziedoggers will always have free membership - however, we are giving our members the opportunity to become VIP members. The membership is 10 bucks - which will go to web hosting and maintenance of the site. It will also give us the opportunity to purchase more merchandise. Show your support and join up today!! If you want to place an add for sale - then you must be a VIP member VIP Memberships - $10 (AUD) per year Features: Lugging Pictures acceptable in VIP hunts section Ability to send attachments in PM's 100 Personal Messages space Can remove 'Edited by' legend Can delete own posts Can open and close own topics Can edit own topic title & description Can start new polls (where allowed) Can avoid flood control Can change display name Plus any new VIP only features Help support ozziedoggers and become a VIP member today !
  14. send him a pm mate thats he best way for him to get your message ,
  15. have you got many friends been a admin moderator lol

  16. if ya think ya guna come here on my site to hang shit on poor old john t you wont last long anything go for the slow old bloke rick l welcome mate or at least for now
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