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  1. Thanks fella's. Bloody I thought some of yous bokes musta died, where some of yous been hidin.Good to hear from yas too Bandes and Stevo and so on. Gday the rest of yas, gday Robbie, how are ya mate. Guess what Robbie, got a new pup today, a little bitch for Obbie to sire me some good bailers. Shes from 2 very good stock workin parents, there pearler work dogs and she's Red, Blue, Kelpie X. Ohh boy Rob should be nice puppies from them 2
  2. Gday, how yous goin. Yeah thanks Mark Beattie, Now I'm on another bloody pig hunting site . Ah well, all good mate. Think most of us would know each other. Like the little watchamacallit smileys and stuff on this site ":_ :"(6 *&^%$9 :!%, can relate to most of them :"(6 spescially that one ;D. Happy hunting everyone and keep hammerin Greenies mariho .
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