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  1. Thank you Cody. I greatly appreciate this sort of input. You are 100%. I would feel a lot more comfortable with learning during tag along sessions. Finding the right teachers who would tolerate a newbie who had the right ethics is the trick. I'll reach out to a few I know of within 2 hours drive but chances are they'll think I'm some weirdo crackpot and ignore my overtures. I can but try.
  2. YT is youtube. Sorry. This is the Red dog Max I was talking about. No hesitation. Just hits them like a brick wall. I love this dog. This is Nat. Her and her husband have this youtube channel...
  3. Well I watch Nat ( a lady who hunts pigs on YT who has a similar height and build to me ) and she hunts with a team of two. I figure that with two hounds there would be more control of the pig from both sides while I pull front and hind legs, lay them down for the stick. Of course I may be way off base here. Back in the day all I heard of in regards to sheer lugging power was dane/ mastiff crosses. The hairy dogs had wolf hound blood. I'm a HUGE fan of a massive red dog on one of the YT channels called Max who hits like a freight train and just doesn't quit. I believe he's a mastiff, dane ridgeback cross. On another channel there is a large dark brindle dog called Paddles that that has a lot of Go Pro footage. I believe he is a Arab, X maybe? Since I've been on this site I have to say I have fallen in love with Shady Bullarab's white and tan dog that he has documented with posts and pics since he was a pup.. What a stunning animal!! Maybe it would be best to find a breeder who I can buy pups from who can start them with their own pack before sending them to me. I would hate to destroy the potential of first class pups with my lack of experience in starting them. Maybe they can train me as well.......if they're close enough.
  4. Goodness yes! My dad came from Holland to Australia with his mum and dad and siblings after WWII and the resulting famine. He was always very mindful of food and being able to acquire it and so hunting was always part of everyday life. He raised us the same way. I was blooded out in the hunting field when I was 5 with my very first kill. Mum was all kinds of horrified when I walked into the house with lines of blood on my face dragging in the huge male hare I had shot. I'm extremely accurate with long arms or side arms within 3 shot of handling a new firearm even if I don't know what the caliber or make or model is. I haven't been hunting in a good long while because ...LIFE happens. Hunting with dogs will be completely new and I expect, an exciting chapter
  5. G'day! I'm a lady finally getting into the sport after years of procrastinating. I'm located in Central Queensland and I'll be looking to acquire a pair of pups and start from there. I'm very open to getting honest and uncritical advice so please don't be shy. I hope to be a constructive, helpful member of this community even if I don't have any experience. Regards, ~Tank.
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