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  1. hi, the vast majority of wild boar here were introduced the european wild boar in Brazil order to market the meat, but many have escaped and some have been released, today in nature to many practically pure European wild boars and also quite a lot of European wild boars crossed with pigs domestic
  2. In our country we measure the weight by quilos, I don't know if in libras it will be correct, but most of the wild boar we find here are between 100 quilos (220 libras) 200 quilos (440 libras) but it is not difficult to find males over 300 quilos (661 libras), Brazil most farms are plateaus such as corn, sugarcane, fruits etc, with always hot climate and plenty of water, wild boar can reach even big
  3. forgive me I don't know if I understand your question, correct me if I'm wrong, ..... Want to know the origins of our pitbulls? one of them are mainly Thompson bloodlines from the United States, but most are crossed here in our country, selecting the parents that are best at aggression, endurance and to grab the wild boar, also here who cross pitbul or Dogo with Greyhound for more speed, many people really like this hunting cross in Brazil
  4. yes, some pure Dogos, and some Dogos and pitbull, most pittbull crossed Dogos
  5. . sorry for the quality of the videos, the site did not accept the size of the full videos
  6. let's start taking the dogs together for the real hunts yes,, thank you so much for the county
  7. mobizen_20190918_000717.mp4 mobizen_20190918_000143.mp4
  8. I didn't know it was illegal in Australia to keep captive wild boars for training, but I appreciate your attention when trying to answer my topic, you are very helpful in helping thank you very much. I don't have videos of dogs running pigs, but it does send us some hunting videos here on cel. thanks
  9. thank you very much for the county, I will search the sites of usa tbm ,, if you know any site or American video just tell me,, thank you
  10. hi of course, these are the pictures of the hogs we found in country Brazil
  11. me and my wife have a fox hund, a blodhund and an american pit bull, i'm sending the pictures
  12. yes I understand, thank you very much for the answer, I never did a bark dog, I'm learning as much as I can, if you have more councils just talk, I will do that you said for sure ,, thanks very much
  13. Hi good afternoon forgive me the english mistakes i'm from brazil, I hunt wild boars, I always read your articles, I wonder if you could give me a tip, when I'm training with my dogs in the pig, they are barking and compliment, but I don't know how to finish their training .... should i end up taking the pig out of sight of the dogs? Thank you very much
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