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  1. Have 3 x female pups for new hunting homes. Long line of working dogs. View mother and grandmother on-site.
    Breeding was artificial from long stock of stored Gr Ch lines. All pups x3. Vaccinations x3  Wormed x2x15 weeks ..Mother is 3yrold main dog now. 27 kg running weight. Locks like a vice. Never backed down. Great nose dogs on Ute .Quads or on the ground.

  2. On 4 June 2020 at 1:47 PM, Sorrells said:

    I got it off a guy who purchased sire and dame from Rod Barker in Melbourne. It was double bred Hard eyes.

    So to my memory Splinters and Tuesday blood. Its been 20 years so don't quote me.


    Sounds like out of Barkers Willie . You will be lucky to find anything near that these days .Good luck mate.

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