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  1. Pups all sold .Thanks for the interest. 👍
  2. Pups are 15 weeks ,11-12 kg . Pick up Helensburgh or Oberon most weekends. POA. PH 0416897837 or Pm me.
  3. Sorry trying to load some pics✅ Not happening atm
  4. Have 3 x female pups for new hunting homes. Long line of working dogs. View mother and grandmother on-site. Breeding was artificial from long stock of stored Gr Ch lines. All pups x3. Vaccinations x3 Wormed x2x15 weeks ..Mother is 3yrold main dog now. 27 kg running weight. Locks like a vice. Never backed down. Great nose dogs on Ute .Quads or on the ground.
  5. Update on pup. 13 months old now. Catching his own . Started on the backend now swinging off the ears. Tough little fella. IMG_0795.MOV
  6. There is a guy who has a 4week old litter atm . Advert is in the Trading post. 3k each
  7. They are little pocket rockets, no back down in em . We kept a male from the last breeding , he was straight in there at 5 months .He is only 6.5 kg and thinks he is 65kg?
  8. We have one Jagd Terrier X Patterdale Terrier male pup left for sale. Born 5/1/2021. Had 1st & 2nd vaccinations.Microchipped, Been wormed from 6 weeks old regularly ,Both working parents on Deer, fox’s.feral cats ,pigs. Photos on request.PM me if interested.
  9. Welcome Ash .good to see another neighbour on the site.
  10. Sounds like out of Barkers Willie . You will be lucky to find anything near that these days .Good luck mate.
  11. Hi mate .What was your dog out of?
  12. Gday Mule. Welcome to the site.??
  13. Welcome to the site mate ?
  14. Hi mate .Cammo on this site had a nice Am Bulldog. You could ask him how they work.
  15. You should be able to get some good advice on this site mate .maybe start a post on anyone using purebred Am Bulldogs to see how they work .im not real sure on how good they would be on stamina and speed . Maybe good as a drop dog. Good luck mate..?
  16. Are you thinking of getting a pup or started dog?
  17. Welcome to the site mate. What sort of dog are you thinking of running?
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