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  1. Thanks Ken would make sense. Just wondering if anyone else had experienced same thing.
  2. How’s it going guys? Im in North West NSW hunting scrub/river and crop country. only been hunting about 2-3 years since I got my first pig dog which I still have plus his son and both are going well bringing home the bacon. I am seeking some advice though and any is appreciated. As happy as I am with my dogs scenting ability, I have been missing a few pigs on the crop in the spotlight. Often I will pull up 50-100m away from a pig or mob in the spotlight and the dogs will run straight past them or in the wrong direction. Even if I’m on top of a levee and can see the pigs clear as day in the spotlight the dogs will jump but miss the pigs. I’ve notices this happens mostly on windy nights so the scent is probably all over the show. These dogs will tear off the ute at 40-50kms to catch a pig in the scrub in the dead of night but can’t see what’s right in front of them in the spotlight. Very frustrating! Has anyone else had this issue? could it be that some dogs just have better noses than eye sight? Cheers
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