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  1. Hi, thanks for the welcome. If I find someone who has a bullygrey bitch that wants to mate I will get in contact.
  2. Just got a little girl pup for him. It is a bullygrey x am staff but
  3. Thanks Owie, Would like to find a girl for him.
  4. I will try to put some up tomorrow will have to get my daugther to do it
  5. he is quite fast he is more greyhound 27inches at the shoulder and 38kg. very strong. Mother is pure greyhound 1st grade bicth 500m to 700m plus.
  6. My name is Tom and I have a 7 year old male Am Staff X Greyhound first cross.
  7. Hi all I have a am staff x greyhound first cross and I am looking for a bitch for him. If you or you know some with the same cross could you please give me a call 07 54387001
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