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  1. The black dog pictured above is a old style catahoula. She is 1 year old also and weighs about 70 pounds. She is leggy and loves to put teeth on a hog. That style of cat can cover some ground. The brown dog in the 5th pic at the top is a catahoula also. She is shorter and smaller overall. She weighs about 50 pounds. She isn't as bad to put teeth on a hog. Overall I prefer the old style catahoula over the smaller new style. The Cat is to me a dog that has a middle of the road nose. Not the best at finding scent but not the worst. The cats I have hunted with have been OK but nothing to make me want 20 of them. The black dog I have now is showing what I like. I will know more on her when I start back hunting in Jan. Like any dog the catahoula has good and bad points and good and bad examples of the breed. A good one is great and a bad one isn't worth the feed. It is a popular breed here and lots of folks are breeding for looks and money instead of ability. The people with the old style dogs seem more interested in ability. On a scale 1 to 10 I would give the dogs a 7. Shotgun Arkansas
  2. My ridge would be what y'all call a finder holder type I believe. He does it all with or without help. The foxhound is what we call a walker coon hound. It is a slight variation off the original foxhounds. She is a pup. She is just now 1 yr old and will hit the woods in Jan. I took her a couple days to let her goof off and she would work out fairly decent for a pup. She has had a little work in a pen baying ( bailing I think) and would bay back a couple meters. Most of my dogs well put teeth in a hog. The walker and a couple more are the dogs I use when access is an issue and long walks to the dogs are possible. Them backing up keeps them from getting hurt and gives me time to get close. My plan is to have options. Use my toothy dogs when I can get to them and the loose dogs when needed. It's probably right in line with the way it's done there to an extent. Please excuse my redneck accent. I will try to learn the lingo as I go. The US to metric conversions are gonna be tough. Shotgun Arkansas
  3. I wasn't sure if y'all do hoof weight or gutted . Shotgun Arkansas
  4. Redbone x BMC Redbone x BMC Ridgeback x red bull Shotgun Arkansas
  5. The one with the vest is ridgeback x red bull. The other 2 are redbone coonhound x black mouth cur. Shotgun Arkansas
  6. http://tapatalk.imageshack.com/v2/14/12/26/df89b2f460b352349bea49fc81f5d6e4.jpg http://tapatalk.imageshack.com/v2/14/12/26/61daa43f1d32cb02c09b0bd435349aa3.jpg http://tapatalk.imageshack.com/v2/14/12/26/7eb11a3fa9ab54b8db7986993f773c55.jpg http://tapatalk.imageshack.com/v2/14/12/26/43bd38a429587cbf58f69c1b0720101f.jpg This is most of my dogs and a few of the hogs. The one my lil girl has her foot on is my largest to date. He was 390 pounds on the hoof. All my weights if I post weight is on the hoof. Shotgun Arkansas
  7. Thanks for letting me join. I am a hog hunter from Arkansas. I run some rough catchy dogs and I run another pack of looser dogs. I hunt anything from AG ground to Pine plantations and hard woods. I look forward to seeing and reading about the methods and styles y'all use. Shotgun Arkansas
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