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  1. My wife probably thinks that the perfect husband would be one that was not obsessed with dogs!
  2. Thanks for all the replies, I agree with most of them. Especially about giving of 150%, very important. I guess that's called heart. I suppose the characteristics that I'm really trying to put into a dog are Brains, Nose, Heart, Speed, Loyalty, Stamina, Weather Resistance, Convenience of Size, and Jumping Agility. Have I missed anything? My top 4 dogs since my childhood are as follows: Turk, a dingo/stag, a little slow but very committed and freakishly athletic on rabbits. Commie, a whippet stag with a splash of staffy who once jumped a 7 foot security fence, with a great nose, loyal and human like personality, and extremely hard on foxes and cats, but too slow for hares. Sally, a deerhoundy type stag who once ran a hare to death but was brainless and lacked personality. And Nelly, a bully/GSpointer cross deerhound who appeared to have everything except for speed, could even fetch a beer, but died too young to prove herself. What do you all reckon about a bully/GSpointer cross saluki? And tell me more about catahoulas?
  3. Gday, I'm Mick, I'm joining up to this forum because I want to find out if anybody out there has bred the perfect dog. My perfect dog would be able to course hares in the daylight, bail big pigs and lug hard once you got there, have a good nose to find pigs, and catch and kill a big strong fox. Plus, loyal so that you didn't have to keep them tied up, teachable enough to fetch a beer from the fridge, light enough to put on a quad bike and not eat too much (24 inches and 25kg), and good with the kids. I've had one or two that came close, has anybody else succeeded?
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