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  1. hi guys Am callum from England am currently in Cairns, i love me hunting and fishing back at home and would like to see how you guys do it up here. I work monday to friday but of most weekends if anyone has any time to show me what its all about would be really great full thanks.
  2. I'll be keeping me eye out for them don't worrie
  3. I'll get the check book out now then Ay mick
  4. cheers mate ill take u up on that ill let you no when i arrive. have u been getting out much?
  5. Gd stuff mate just counting down the weeks now till I arrive!
  6. Thanks guys , hello Jaso am starting in Sydney for lil bit then travelling up the coast towards cairns for a while then i will be heading back down to hopefully find work and do some hunting and fishing.
  7. Hello everyone am Callum from England, am into my running and digging dogs. Coming to aus at the end of May travelling with my girl friend and am really keen to get out and see how you guys do it with your pig dogs and any other hunting with dogs you guys get up to! Good hunting to all and hopefully I'll be able to join some of yous in the field in the future
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