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  1. G'day mate, I'm down here in tassie as well. Whereabouts are you based? Would be happy to organise something, know a few blokes here breeding sight hounds
  2. Make a few posts and you should be able to see it
  3. Talk to Deernbull mate, he has some.
  4. How's the weather round there? I was up at Ross for the rodeo a couple weeks back and it was pissing down and got canceled. We've been pretty hit and miss down here, beautiful day today but the wind picked up this arvo and it just finished raining but that's Tassie for you
  5. Where abouts are you mate? I'm hobart based
  6. Thanks mate. I'm loving the warmer weather, escaped the Tassie winter. There are pigs around, but they're all escaped stock and get taken care of pretty darn quick. There's no reliable population for hunting really. Fallow deer hunting is cracker though down there thanks to failure of the venison industry in the 1900's. One of the guys I work with has a 30/30 and we go out for camels, donkeys and horses, it's awesome. We also have permission from all the traditional land owners to hunt aboriginal land.which gives us awesome access to 1000's of square kms to hunt
  7. G'day, super new to pig dogging. From Tassie, currently living in Alice Springs soon to be moving to FNQ. Have a bull arab/bull mastiff pup who's 5 months and super keen on everything but I'm holding him back as there isn't anything here other than camels, roos and donkeys. Have hunted rabbits, hares, roos and foxes with sighthounds (staghounds and whippets) so have a little experience with hunting with dogs. Also love a fish. Cheers.
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