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  1. rik

    Gday Cass, is your mum & dad Mucka & Di? Are they still living outside of Gladstone area? I've lost their number & would like to catch up. Hope you & family are all well, kind regards, Rick Bruce, NT.

  2. Gday very sad nd sorry to hear of your blindness.hope it all works out 4 ya mate.Like northern Mick said open country woud be ideal 4 for ya,take care Ben.
  3. Very expensive sport these days.
  4. welcome callum ,hope it all works for ya . cheers.
  5. I used to be on this site a year ago known as rickb live at Humpty Doo NT always lookin forward to getting out for a hunt if anyones keen cheers
  6. Gidday all havn't been on the site for quite some time, good to be back.
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