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  1. Have you gone into the map settings and selected the maps available ? It won't automatically show them.
  2. On the phone to make it easy try and download the tapatalk app for uploading the pictures.
  3. See photos attached of the screens. First one has more reply options tab. Second one has the attachment area. Choose file then click on attach this file
  4. Are you on a laptop, tablet or phone ?
  5. Bottom of the text box that you type your reply, you will see more reply options. To post pictures you need to go into there and find the attachment section. Usually below the text box to the left.
  6. Do a forum search mate, heaps of info/opinions on them.
  7. I hope your expectations are not too high
  8. welcome Aaron. there is a section on here for the site hounds and running dogs. those blokes hunt a lot of rabbits and foxes as well
  9. You can buy an already trained dog, but it will cost a fair bit of $ and then train a pup off it. It depends if your after a bailer or a Lugger. Be warned, the dogs in the adds may not be what they are made out to be, ask to see the dog work first (finding on its own if possible) and get a money back agreement if possible on paper, otherwise wait until another comes along. The dog needs to be stock and wombat and roo proof. There is not much more info I can tell you I don't think to really get you started.
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