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  1. Thanks rob it's all interesting to me I saved your photos and put them with the rest of my photos it's good seeing pics and hearing stories about my dogs relatives Thanks mate def keen for a hunt now. Funny you mention about that drive they have,while hunting mine never let's up it just dosent stop sometimes I wonder if I'm the right owner for it because it literally out hunts me haha
  2. Yeah no worrys Boris I appreciate your input. Alls good Cheers mate
  3. Thanks mate yeah I'm really happy with her, she thinks she is human half the time, loves doing what shes told, shaking hands and stuff etc. Can't get the bastard to bring a ball back yet but. Haha
  4. How was kimba Bert I'm glad you remember the parents I wouldn't no them only through pics
  5. Yeah she looks good mark w. Nice and big, athletic and strong. Hey Do u think u can notice the calmness of the airedale in her, I know a guy with a couple of pure bullygreys and I do think I can see the difference in mine compared to his, I am by no means an expert but I am just wondering if this could be true
  6. Yeah ok borris so what should I say is in my dog ? When I say she has airdale in her, my vet says he can see it,the same with the bull terrior and the same with the greyhound also I bought it off frosti so I was thinking it would probly be a frosti kennels Bullygreyhound/Airedale I'm not having a dig mate I just don't know what your trying to say
  7. Just pigs mate and yeah the chain is a bit big I will have to get a smaller one.
  8. Yeah she's nice mate what's in her
  9. Yeah he looks good crazy they will make some nice pups for sure, can't wait !
  10. Yeah I'm not to sure Kelvin I've only owned this line of dog so I can't compare it with a normal bullygrey I think the Airedale thickens there size up a bit but and also brings a bit of brains and calmness to the normal bullygrey. They reckon airdales are really smart and I think there right but sometimes I think there to smart for there own good
  11. stupid computer won't allow me to load it
  12. hey boys just thought id post a pick of my 2yr old frosti kennels bullygrey/Airedale bitch what do u think
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