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  1. Like all of us, if we're not out chasing pigs then we're talking it or reading about it! Do you do much hunting locally?
  2. I wouldn't write off the forests that easy. They might get hit hard but there's always good hogs coming out of them!
  3. Same here. Having trouble finding threads worthwhile commenting on. Didn't get any replies on my introduction so having a bit of trouble getting a post count up.
  4. Gday guys, My names Matt, 21 & live at Lismore. I've never chased pigs before, but am trying to find someone who will take me out and show me what its all about. I've always loved Bull Arabs but haven't wanted to buy one without being able to give it its just desserts and let it work like its been bred for. I've been a fisherman since day dot, oppose extreme greenies like nothing else & studying Science to try and get onto the mines. looking forward to learning alot from ya's all. Take it easy
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