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  1. First contact local council or land owner and get the dates for the baiting days on private land in that area. You may need to contact national parks for their baiting days as they are most likely different to council. This will then help you figure out how you hunt and when you hunt. If your private land owners don’t bait but national parks do then ask how they bait? Is it by vehicle or aerial baiting? How much bait gets put out? Injected or rolled? If put out by hand along the roads through the park the rangers might have have a policy that they visually check the bait to see if it’s gone. The rangers who are doing it will be able to help with those things. A lot of questions to get answers to I know but at the end of the day you are the responsible dog owner that needs to know. You might have to do sight only hunting for a bit and then carry a leash to chain your dog up once it has caught something to walk back to the Ute or bike so it has no free reign on the way back. Plenty of options out there.
  2. 125Kg Barra caught during one of the worst droughts we have had. Caught with My mate Steven. His dog did a good find at night and bailed him up. Then we took my old toothless dog in with a pup to anchor him.
  3. hey mate welcome to the site !*)
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