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  1. Any one havn a play around kilmore vic tonight just in the paddocks
  2. Any one have any tips to train me hounds how to sniff out there game me 5 year old not bad on the nose but hes a bit slow so i got an arab For the speed its only 6 to 8 months old but to get her off doing her own thing is a mission how can i train her to smell and track the pray
  3. massivemastiff

    Arab Pup

    mine seems to have a shit load more mussleAround the shoulders aswell
  4. massivemastiff

    Arab Pup

    Got it from a bloke in kilmore looking at yoir pic m8 it has the same lean body and Shape of ya wippet wonder how much slower it would be then yours
  5. massivemastiff

    Arab Pup

    My arab seems to be the only one ive seen with the full black muzzle Her face dosnt seem as long either can some one let me No if she would be pure bread
  6. massivemastiff

    Arab Pup Stubborn To Train

    Yea m8 hares and foxes is wat im hunting but i see every thing they dont even ifvit runs streight by them the mastiff always goes to the dead hare in the paddock for a sniff then follows hes nose around in circles i reckon theyd do a bit better if thy patrolled in front instead of patrolling the flanks 50 metres away from my side
  7. I have a bull arab pup about 6 months old she is a stubborn bitch to get Moving been spending 4 hours a day for the past week out in the paddocks How do i train the girl to pic up a scent i been dropping treats down a metre apart Round the boundries of the paddock but she sniffs out 4 or so then comes back to my side how can i teach her to traco even small game