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Bailing Pups

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Have a litter of pups due the 14th Feb if anyone is chasing a bailer. 

Father is collie x stumpy, 19kg working. Mother is whippet x stumpy, 13kg working. Both parents are my dogs, first time I’ve bred them. Have bred them to get a pup for myself. 

Both parents find and bail off ute, quad and ground. Hard on the arse end, particularly the bitch. Both nice natured dogs, good around home. 

Located Orange NSW. 

Few of the better pigs the parents caught in the last year. 

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On 30/1/2022 at 7:18 AM, rustyc said:

The brown fella looks very nice 


That’s Meg, she’s a little heat seeking missile off the ute. If the scents not real strong she’ll do a couple laps of the ute on her back legs trying to get a better whiff before jumping.

The black dogs not badly put together, not as racy as her, takes a bad photo. 

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