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Opinions on selling dog

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I bought a German shorthaired pointer cross German wired haired pointer 15 months ago.   She is 19 months old.

I bought her due to growing up with a pointer which my father found in a wreck and based my decision on how this pointer was unfortunately I realize that I have made a mistake.

She is a lovely kind natured dog but seems to have a very strong hunting and scent instinct.  She is very fit and I do believe with the right people who have experience with these types of dogs and the time to train her properly could end up with a good hunter.  But unfortunately as nice as she is she is not the dog for us. 

She gets a good off leash run every single day.   Is in with me most nights for companionship but her hunting instinct coupled with general energy when she is not watched is causing problems of which we have tried to tackle for the last  15 months.   These things include her love of gardening.  

She is extremely friendly and I am sure would become a good companion to a hunter or sports enthusiast who is not at work all day.  

I am not willing to sell her to anyone and her end up in the same position nor send her to the pound.  She is too nice a dog for that.

But I am sure that if she finds the right person she will get along with them;  she gets along with everyone. 

So my question is would anyone be interested in a dog like that. 

Sorry don't know how to insert pictures but she is a black roan.  

Please note she has been spade. 







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Hi Maggie, maybe have a look for a group on Facebook for pointers. You will probably find a home but it would be a pet one. Your dog would probably hunt really well, hopefully you find a good home for her.

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JC thanks for the reply.   I have put her on gumtree with this same note and I have found a lot of interest many from hunters.    So I am confident I will find her a home suitable. 

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