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New Member - Wagga Wagga, NSW

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Evening All,

I am a new member here but have been hunting pigs with dogs for around 8 years.

I currently dont have any hunting dogs but am looking to start a new pack of smaller fast style of hard bailing dogs to be used in thick mountain country. 

I have previously only had larger holding style dogs so the bailers will be all new to me.

I am open to anyones advice on what breeds or cross breeds you have used and proven in the mountains. 

Thanks, Shannon.


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Find yourself a local hunter who hunts the same country you do with success and see if you can possibly get a pup out of the dogs they use.id be patient and wait for the right breed from a local rather then getting something from Another area/state ect .Everyone’s going to have a different opinion on what dogs are best. It all comes down to the style of dog you want. If your hunting thick mountain country your going to want a dog with plenty of bite. Be prepared to possibly go through a few dogs before you get the ideal bailer that you’re wanting. Good luck ??

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