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UPDATE: Tim Pratt has got onto us and wants to redirect offers and donations direct to the Sisters of the North group. He tells us the response has been huge to the hat project but it’s now best to cut out that step and go direct to the people helping. He thanks everyone for ordering the caps but wants streamline the idea. So look for Sisters of the North on FB or go direct to https://sistersofthenorth.org.au/ to find out how to help.

My Pratt hat has arrived. 
On February 21 on this page I asked pig hunters nationwide to support the landholders and communities of the Queensland Gulf country deal with the aftermath of the massive flood that wiped out hundreds of thousands of cattle by buying a Pratt hat. There’s a whole story why it’s this hat that works and I’ll repeat it at the end of this post, but the point is to get one of these hats, effectively donate a few bucks to a local Gulf charity that’s on the ground helping out, and then wear it to show the hunting community’s solidarity with the Gulf, preferably while visiting the Gulf and spending a few more dollars. 
Send us a photo of you in your cap and your APDHA gear if you have it. We’ll publish it here and elsewhere as a practical demonstration of the hunting community’s commitment to rural Australia.

Cheers, Ned.

The background from Feb 21.

The APDHA committee recently asked me to look for ways pig hunters could show their solidarity with the landholders and communities of the Queensland Gulf Country after that devastating flood that killed hundreds of thousands of cattle. It’s quite a challenge, what can we do, what will help? And the truth is we a still looking for the best way forward. However, there is one thing we can all do right now. 
Buy a Pratt Cattle Transport cap. 
Last week the PM wore one during an interview and a few smarmy, half smart urban media types thought it was hilarious. See, the word pratt is, in very limited circles, another word for dickhead. It was funny to them that the PM would wear a cap that, to some involved in getting our news to us, effectively said dickhead.
Now, this is not about the PM. Scott Morrison might be a raging dickhead for all I know. I’ve never met him and I’m unlikely to. The cap was actually a representation of Gulf country family business and that was lost on the urban elite.
However, in typical Gulf style, people started buying the caps, then more people started buying the caps. Then the Pratt’s decided to give the cap proceeds to a local charity, Sisters of the North, helping flood victims on the ground right now.
So I paid my $30 and I’ll happily risk some city journo making fun of me if it goes a small way to raising awareness of the ongoing flood devastation in the gulf.
I think we pig hunters should all buy a cap. 
In fact I’d love to see photos of you in your Pratt caps. I’ll publish them here.
(Of course getting them will be the issue. They’ve sold out a couple of times because it’s all being done by a mob called Gumnut Designz in Longreach, not metro Australia. But I don’t care. I’ll wait knowing that a few of my dollars will help add to the pile being used in Gulf communities).
Pig hunters are a part of the rural and regional landscape regardless of where you all live. City based and regional hunters spend their money in the bush and country communities know that. 
Don’t just watch the news about stuff like the flood. Do something.  Buy a Pratt hat and message the page with your photos.
Click on the link below.
Cheers, Ned.



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