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Please Read: All New Members

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Welcome to the OzzieDoggers website all new members.

OzzieDoggers promotes safe, ethical, legal and humane hunting practice using dogs in Australia which is reflected in our positive discussions and attitudes we have on this board. Please take the time to read our Board and Photo guidelines - these will give you an indication of our hunting ethics and if you will fit into our community.

Just tell us as little or as much about yourself to gain free immediate full access.

After you have registered and validated your account, please MAKE 1 POST in the Introductions section and you will reveal the whole board.

After this you can choose to participate in the discussions or feel free just to search and read others posts. You may also like to become a VIP Member to gain extra features for your account.

There is NO COMMERCIAL ADVERTISING without taking a Business Membership, we also offer other channels for you to promote your products and services, please send a private message (PM) to Aushunter for more information.

Happy Hunting,

OzzieDoggers Admin (aka Aushunter)


SPAM Warning: If you intend on SPAMMING this board your account will be deleted. There are several moderators on this board which will remove any spam IMMEDIATELY, we will also ban your IP, email address and log these details to be submitted to all major Australian ISP's so you are blacklisted from spamming in this country and also so it can be used in any legal proceedings against your company.

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