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G'day to all

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Hi to all on ozziedoggers,

                                  I'm Sharon and hubby's name is Ash.

We are kinda new to dog hunting Hubby is a shooter but is keen to get into dogging. We have just bought a Bull Arab Male pup "Mac" (he's 11 weeks now) and also bought Lee Payne's 6 yr old Arab Bitch "Zee" (Top dog).Ash's Brother also Hunts with him(owns a couple of Arabs as well). We  live south of Brisbane a fair bit closer to Beaudesert though. I grew up with pigging dogs (Dad's and a few Mates of his) of mixed breeds but got to say Arabs are bloody good dogs, don't think i would have any other now(my old rottie is the exception).

Would like to say good job with this website, we've had a good look around it and pretty much addicted.


Sharon !*)

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good onya welcome to the site . let us know how ya go with dog ya brought and the pup always interested to see how others are goin inthere hunting . its a great site and hope ya enjoy. robbie caruso

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^&: sounds like your in with a winner with the couple of dogs you have there.

Keep us updated on their progress.

Cheers Boarbags ;)

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