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  1. welcome megan and partner glad to hear you guys are looking to learn whats involved in training a pup/dogs first. i love the sound of hunting with hawks i would expect that it would be a long time training them to return wouldn't it. would be very interested in hearing some more about it sometime cheers dan
  2. bluearab

    Looking For A Pup

    welcome bud plenty of pups for sale on here
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    welcome bud your on the right site lol
  4. bluearab

    Irish Wolfhounds

    welcome bud if you want to addvertise your pups you have to be a vip anyway which is only $10 a year so no big deal then you will be able to put up a post in the pups for sale and the fast game section hope this helps bud cheers dan
  5. welcome bud cheers dan
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    Hey All

    that's funny I'm in the same boat there bud and my daughter is the same age aswell and welcome
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    New Memeber

    welcome to the site hope you enjoy it
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    New Bloke

    welcome bud
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    New Fella

    welcome mate
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    Cecil Tiyce

    welcome cecilgood to have you on board mate goo told me plenty bout your dogs mate and his crusty his a top dog mate
  11. dogmann is right mate and before you chose the dog have a good look at the site there is heaps on here that you might like then make a decission and welcome to the site mate
  12. welcome mate like you honesty mate not many would say that their dogs run the sheep & horses good on ya mate