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  1. yeah i've heard of snake racing as well, would be sick to get one of them bars on the front of the patrol, don't think the credit card would be so stoked tho haha
  2. moderators... the link that supposedly gets you to where you can buy stickers/singlets etc? wouldn't mind a decal for the tail gate of the ute, but i cant get the blasted thing to work?
  3. Whats the go, I'm a bit behind with this sort of stuff, hasn't the world moved to LED stuff with lights? Or is it still too pricey for serious spotlights?
  4. Hi all, Never got round to doing this when I first joined, so better late than never. Love the concept of having a hunters network for all sorts of information, and shooting the breeze with like minded people. Hope you're all catching plenty of ferals. Chris
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