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  1. G'day fellow hunters, this is my second go at posting an intro, dogs are my strong point computers arent. work on the land and breed and train working dogs (kelpies, boder collies and a little of stumpy tail cattle bitch). Hunted mostly foxes and rabbits in the past since I could walk. Mostly with the dogs I had at the time which were the sheepdogs with pretty good success but got jack of em clearing out on me whilst mustering. Decide to get purpose bred hunting dogs and have a couple of terriers (fairly hard) an Irish and a Jack Russell, and a stag hound/ wolf hound cross. Have made a lot of mistakes but had a ball along the way. Moving back to the mainland in the next few months and hopefully near some pigs and going to try and have a crack. Love the site and everyone's advice. Cheers Mullo's
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