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  1. be easier to just not hunt in the ACT. just keep heading north lol.
  2. Just called your dogs flushing and pointing dogs then.
  3. just use normal aussie working dog breeds to do the finding and bailing. that way you look like a stockman not a pighunter.
  4. But pig dogs or associated gear aren’t being banned it’s the practice of catching a pig with a dog that is being banned.
  5. It’s only going to be illegal to catch a pig with a dog. How can it be illegal to own and sell hunting gear ? If there is no proof the hunting is happening in the state then they have no argument
  6. If they already sell gear all over Australia from their business there why would they shut up shop ?
  7. have spoken to shane knuth a couple times when i was in the towers. he will pull up and have a yarn to anyone.
  8. most of the places out this way are flicked from the drought mate. still a few stragglers getting about but they arent worth chasing.
  9. that means native to his area ya old fool. go and take your meds and sit in the shade for a bit.
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