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  1. Welcome to the site, fine looking dogs you have there.
  2. Sorry to Hijack your thread but my thoughts are we shouldn't back away from the fact we enjoy hunting, it's a part of who we are and is a valid part of our culture as much as any other activity people choose to undertake. I'd never call it a "sport". A sport implies that there is a winner and loser and that we do it to win. I'd call it a cultural activity with significant environmental benefits if I was pressed on it, but for the most part i'll tell people i'm going hunting and not worry about if they accept that or not.
  3. Don't look for a dog, look for a person hunting the way you hunt, in the country you hunt and consistently catching good pigs and try and get a pup out of them.
  4. Funny you say that, a station about 50-60km away got sold and when they did they opened the gate on the pig pen and let maybe 100 large white and landrace pigs out. That was maybe 15 years before I started hunting out there but you'd still catch plenty of saddle backs, white pigs, and pigs with big floppy ears and pushed up faces. I have no doubt there is a big chunk of domestic DNA in just about every big boar I got out that way. This one i did weigh, was 126kg live, floppy ears, pushed up face, short little legs. No doubt theres a big wedge of domestic in him, probably 40km as the crow flies from the place where the pigs were set loose 15 years before.
  5. No idea, didn't have scales, If I had to guess id say somewhere a little over 140kg+ live. Got heaps I did weigh off this place that went 110-115 live and this guy was a fair bit bigger than them. It was a weird place the pigs were either 40-50kg or 100+, never caught anything in the middle. Was a 30 meter find when we stopped to open a gate next to the trough, he never even tried to run. Probably the easiest pig i ever caught. This one, caught later the same night, was a 3km find off a deady through thick, horrible channels and made the dogs work real hard to keep him pulled up, he was about typical size for boars off that block, only two pigs we got that night
  6. Shitty photo but this would be probably my best, bailed and shot off a trough near katherine.
  7. Regardless of where you are in the world, nothing beats getting out in the forest/swamp/woods with your dogs and just let them run loose. If they are barking in a pen they will bark in the wild. Get them out as often as you can and they should learn what to do themselves.
  8. Nice work Ned, getting the RSPCA to effectively eat their words is a good win. Bet the local RSPCA lady has had her head pulled in a bit and will think a bit before mouthing off again.
  9. Done - Kinda shocked myself when I added it all up. Fuel, dog food, vet bills, vaccinations, worming, food, beer, memberships, insurance, the cost of kennels, car, quad, rego, repairs/services etc. Coulda paid my house off over the last 10 years. No wonder hunters are broke with all this "supporting the economy" we do. Pillars of the community.
  10. Lol got my Thorns mixed up.
  11. She barks enough so you can find her but doesn't bark flat out.
  12. video-1542244142.mp4 Heres a little video, the white dog is a whippet x bully/cattle
  13. I hunt with a fella who runs whippet x Bully/cattle. Very impressive little dogs, hard ass end bailers and decent noses. Fast and run on bugger all feed. You can fit a whole pack of them on a quad rack. ThorneSwine has a bunch of real nice looking whippet x's as well
  14. A committee member will get back to you as soon as possible, keep in mind we are volunteers and all have jobs and occasionally like to find some time to catch a pig.
  15. Who we are: Firstly we'd like to thank Ozziedoggers and Aushunter for providing this opportunity to put our info on here. With the current and future threats to hunting dogs theres never been a more important time for us to stick together and this is a great step in the right direction. Contact info: Phone: 1300 364 648 Email: info@apdha.org.au Mail: PO Box 233, Wamuran, QLD, 4512
  16. WHY JOIN APDHA Increasing landholder concerns regarding legal liability issues, Workplace Health & Safety requirements as well as a deteriorating hunter public image (mainly due the depredations of a minority using hunting as a cover for criminal activities) prompted the formation of the Australian Pig Dogging and Hunters Association , Inc, commonly known as the APDHA , in 2005. As the name suggests, APDHA represents responsible and ethical hunters of all persuasions, but with an emphasis on those using well trained hunting dogs for feral pig control...As means of improving the likelihood of member access to hunting land was recognised as the primary objective, member benefits were principally tailored to address landholder concerns. Members exist in most areas in all states of Australia, excepting Tasmania . As the majority are recreational conservation hunters, they are more than happy to aid in feral pig control at no cost to landholders . TO DATE THE FOLLOWING BENEFITS APPLY: LIABILITY INSURANCE - APDHA members are insured for damage they (or their dogs) cause, whilst involved in legal hunting activities, to the persons or property of others. In other words the landholder is protected from financial loss , up to and including $10,000,000 , as a result of damage or injury caused by the hunting activities of the member. PERSONAL ACCIDENT INSURANCE - APDHA members are now insured against personal injury whilst hunting thus providing increased liability protection to landholders. MEMBERSHIP CARD - This card, bearing the APDHA logo, indicates the member's name, date of birth, membership number, membership expiry date as well as APDHA contact details. Verification of insurance coverage is also given. DPI NSW APPROVED HUNTING ORGANISATION - NSW Government agency approved body for competency assessment of conservation hunters. CENTRAL DOG REGISTRY - Members are encouraged to register their hunting dogs with APDHA. Whilst not replacing government or semi government registration, APDHA registry tags provide a fast, centralised method of identifying dog ownership to interested parties. CODE OF CONDUCT - members are required to abide by the APDHA Code of Conduct. This covers a broad spectrum of requirements , including care, temperament, training for species specificity of hunting dogs used, the need to obtain permission for access to land, along with other facets of ethical , humane and responsible practices . PERMISSION TO HUNT BOOKLET - SOLD SEPARATELY to members only. This document records landholder details, conditions of access being granted (including expiry date , method of hunting, etc) and hunter details in duplicate. The landholder takes the original with the duplicate remaining in the hunter 's booklet. As the booklet contains 50 duplicate copies of the form, it rapidly becomes a valuable indication to landholders and authorities as to the genuineness of the hunter.
  17. FREE DOG REGISTRY FOR MEMBERS https://www.apdha.org.au/apdha-membership/dog-registry
  18. STANDARD MEMBERSHIP https://www.apdha.org.au/apdha-membership/join-apdha/view-available-memberships/1-apdha-membership/list CONCESSION MEMBERSHIP - MUST HAVE VALID CONCESSION CARD https://www.apdha.org.au/apdha-membership/join-apdha/view-available-memberships/2-apdha-concession-membership/list FAMILY MEMBERSHIP https://www.apdha.org.au/apdha-membership/join-apdha/view-available-memberships/4-apdha-family-membership/list
  19. Welcome - and thanks for warning us all that youre a hairy dog man.
  20. I've used a mates Alpha and it was just as good as the astro, the only downside was after getting mud on your hands the touch screen is hard to use, The training function would be handy on a young dogs though. And shooting deer is gunna keep you, and therefore the screen a lot cleaner than sticking pigs
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