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  1. I've used a mates Alpha and it was just as good as the astro, the only downside was after getting mud on your hands the touch screen is hard to use, The training function would be handy on a young dogs though. And shooting deer is gunna keep you, and therefore the screen a lot cleaner than sticking pigs
  2. I have an Australian model 430, have had it for a couple of years now and cant fault it. Be aware the 430 comes in Australian and American models, they both work, but technically the US model is illegal due the frequency it operates on. Personally i'd buy an Australian Model locally as warranty service etc will be much easier. The GPS wire on the collars is a bit weak, buy the most robust collar protector you can get and you will be fine.
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    More information required, Bailer, Lugger, Hairy, Smooth, Fast or heavy set, Location? Price your willing to pay? Started? Pup?
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    Darwin Based Hunters

    G'day and welcome.
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    G'day All

    Cheers Fellas, Cactus I'll throw some pics up shortly
  6. G'day, I'm new to the forum. I run a mob of bailers (Catahoulas) in the NT.