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  1. Every time these movies are made the dumb asses that get chased jump into the car try to get away and crash it 20 metres later. Ya not doing that to my car. . Unless you replace it but I spose my old falcon would be outside the budget of most Australian movies. ..
  2. Wow Benny u sure are strong. .. Welcome
  3. Welcome shotgun would like to see some pictures of your hounds and hogs u catch
  4. Surely there is someone on here not far from you that could take ya for a hunt
  5. doing well thanks charles. Thanks for the welcom
  6. Cool. plenty around dirrinbandi ... well once i get a couple dogs goin well which i hope will be soon i will let u know and your welcome to come give your kelpie a run.
  7. What about yourself. What dogs do u use and where do you hunt ..............
  8. lol. Most people think of the famous criminal fast eddie. I got called that a bit so I used the name. And no I am not into crime
  9. Gday mate. Yeah I am kind of new here too. I mainly hunt pigs around the lightning ridge area as that's where I have a small shack and close access to a couple hunting properties. So I get down there as often as possible and hunt mainly lignum and bush surrounding crops. I had 3 dogs when I lived there but had to move away to get better work and met my mrs up here on coast and am now here on sunny coast. I sold 2 of my dogs and kept my main dog but lost him to a brown snake about 8 months ago. so now have started from scratch with the pup in pic. Mostly I would drive to the property then wal
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