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    We were asked in another post what the APDHA’s objectives for the next 12 months were? i answered on that post but thought I’d repost here in case anyone missed it. Expanding our access to NT national parks. Expanding access for night hunting in NSW state forests. Supporting the push for public land hunting in NSW. Continued work On overturning the ban on pig hunting with dogs in Victoria. This year we are looking at an environmental approach using the Otway Black Snail as the door opener. Similarly we are developing flyers etc on hunting in cassowary country to show our environmental credentials. In NSW we have the same thing going on with freshwater turtles. Having an environmental position seperate to rec hunting is all about moving the goalposts for those attacking us. We are working on a heads of agreement concept with other hunting dog organisations in Australia to find the common ground on which we can all support one another. More bodies singing from the same hymn book. Expanding our research base to provide members with the tools to argue for their relevance in the community. Updating our Consitution to withstand the legal attack on our existence we understand is coming. Expanding our role in social media to help educate hunters on how best to present our lifestyle for our long term future. Expanding our presence in print media. Attending more public events. For this we need more people willing to support the committee by learning the ropes and giving up their time off. improving our web site admin. Expanding our merchandise range. Developing training opportunities for members. Hunting, dog training, handling the media, long term leadership. That’s the list. It’s a big list for a handful of volunteers but we ar up for it. What we need though is more bodies to help. Anyone interested?
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    Rods daughter lol
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