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    There was a targeted attack on Pig Doggers in the Glen Innes Examiner on Wednesday. It was brought to my attention last night. Here is a link to the original report and my response. There is no guarantee they will publish any or all of the response so I’m publishing it everywhere I can to give Doggers something they might be able to use. The original Glen Innes Examiner report…http://www.gleninnesexaminer.com.au/story/5937290/hunting-dogs-are-too-dangerous-for-town-rspca/?cs=422 MEDIA RELEASE An attack on legal Glen Innes pig hunters and their dogs has been described as a political stunt masquerading as concern about animal welfare. The attack by the RSPCA’s Brigitte Burridge also displayed a ‘breathtaking bigotry’, according to the Australian Pig Doggers and Hunters Association National President Ned Makim of Inverell. “And worse, the RSPCA, has sought to link the tragic death of an Inverell toddler to hunting in a cynical attempt to win political points. It’s unbelievable,” Mr Makim said. Mr Makim’s comments follow the Wednesday online publication of a series of unsubstantiated claims by Ms Burridge that dogs used as part of the management of feral pig populations in the Glen Innes area were often mistreated, confined in cages and underfed. The Examiner report then went onto link pig hunters, by inference, with drug dealing, dog fighting and the death of a toddler. “It’s just bizarre. The RSPCA has a political position opposing hunting. Nothing to do with cruelty nor animal welfare. It is just blind opposition,” Mr Makim said. “A group’s political views are its own business, even if those views contradict the group’s legislative power requiring it to enforce the law without fear or favour. “But for the RSPCA to abuse its trusted position to attack a legitimate section of society going about their lawful business is reprehensible.” Mr Makim said there was not one shred of proof presented to back up any of the RSPCA’s claims that hunting dogs were involved in any of the incidents she alleged. “Far from it. People see things through their own bigotry and the fur baby cult has a lot to answer for,” Mr Makim said. “ The bigotry on display is breathtaking.” “To a group that believes an unhealthy, obese dog is loved, a fit, athletic working dog can appear underfed. It’s the same for armchair athletes watching long distance runners at the Olympics. Those runners will look underfed if your opinion is formed sitting on your lounge with a pizza on your lap.” Mr Makim said the APDHA absolutely supported the pursuit of animal cruelty cases. Any neglect or mistreatment should be pursued for the sake of the animal. “But that can’t be done on the basis of bigotry against legal, ethical hunters who love and provide the utmost care for their working dogs. Why not start with the people over feeding their dogs and denying them the capacity to be a happy, psychologically balanced animal?” Mr Makim said he sympathised with anyone who had lost a pet to a dog, whether or not it was a legitimate attack or the unmanaged pet invaded the dogs’ space. However, to use that as the basis for ‘dobbing in’ hunters was just ridiculous. “And the use of a tragedy in Inverell with absolutely no link to hunting or hunting dogs to support an already unsustainable political position is just too cynical for words.” Mr Makim said the legal pig hunting community was outraged by the attack and wanted an apology. Ned Makim APDHA National President 0412750390 March 7, 2019
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    Done, luckily my wife was not around when I filled it out to see how much I spend on this hobby each year.
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    SURVEY DONE ...............Now I know why I am so BROKE ...LOL.
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    Lol got my Thorns mixed up.
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    Get on this survey. Theses things are very very important. They generate data whether you fill them out or not. Far better to show how much we love hunting and how much we spend. This is a national study. The last one of these done in NSW contributed to the finding that hunting contributed $1.54 billion to the NSW economy each year. It helps us a lot to be able to show the economic, health and cultural benefits of hunting. Fill it out. The only negative is if we ignore it then there is no proof or anything we contribute. This is a golden opportunity. This is how we fight back. ” Hunters and shooters, we want to know what you think! The Commonwealth Department of Health has commissioned RMCG to undertake a study on the economic and social benefits of recreational hunting and shooting. We want to know: - the spending associated with recreational hunting and shooting - the impact of recreational hunting and shooting on physical health - social benefits of recreational hunting and shooting We are surveying people all over Australia for the next few weeks. The survey takes 15-20 minutes to complete. Please click here to fill out the survey http://www.surveymonkey.com/r/PLMQKZ5
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    Guess I best be spilling some guts than, see how I go.
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    Lol survey done yeah a lot of that coin is poured into remote locations also which is a good thing
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    Done - Kinda shocked myself when I added it all up. Fuel, dog food, vet bills, vaccinations, worming, food, beer, memberships, insurance, the cost of kennels, car, quad, rego, repairs/services etc. Coulda paid my house off over the last 10 years. No wonder hunters are broke with all this "supporting the economy" we do. Pillars of the community.
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    Hey fellas, just signed up to the page. This forum looks like a good site. Cheers
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    If someone found some in a pigs guts, it would be a big thing... Something like that we could report and start talking to someone.
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    Found it, the Otway Black Snail. I’ll read up on it. Sometimes that is all it takes to get a conversation going.
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    It’s been on our top two list along with public land hunting in Queensland for the past two years. Obviously the ACT move is a bushfire we have to fight but there is always a chance in Vic. It is a significant uphill battle but the key will be finding a reason for a trial. We need a government department to open that door. To do that we need someone who sees the potential. There is no chance of a change from the outside. Any contacts anyone has would be fantastic.
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    G'day, I'm a North Queensland hunter, joining this site to learn more about bailing dogs. Cheers Ryan
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    I Seen that link on FB it made my blood boil reading the bull crap that bloke from glen innes was going on about. Most will agree with you on this Ned, glad you spoke up and said what you did.
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    Good response Ned, I read that article when it was released.what a crock and it leaves RSPCA open to letigation in some regards with the stupid comments they made.
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    Done, gives you an idea on how involved we are with our way of life.
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    Survey done, not surprised how much I spend, a bit concerned that it does seem to rule my life.......
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    Yeah ok well good info, I can see there is a few hoops to jump through by the sounds of that. There is a black snail in there thats endangered, I've long suspected feral pigs ain't helping its cause, evidence is possible, but getting a scientist to do a study I wouldn't know where to start.
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    There are a few different endemic critters getting around the otways national park that would be getting a pounding from the feral pig population. It's an area where imo aerial shooting baiting and trapping programs would be close to useless that might be an angle to work with fella.
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    I don't have any whippet Xs sorry Ken
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    G'day Tom .............You will find out soon enough ....lol.
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    She barks enough so you can find her but doesn't bark flat out.
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    G'day ThorneSwine ...........Can you put up some pics of your Whippet x's ....I don't know how to put up pics of mine ...lol...iam old school ...lol.
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    video-1542244142.mp4 Heres a little video, the white dog is a whippet x bully/cattle