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  2. JC

    Want a gsp

    Welcome to the site Geordi. Good luck finding a pup
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  4. Hi guys wanna get a gsp or similar in the next few months for tracking deer when I go shooting. Hopefully there’s some good training guides and help on here and info about where to get pups from cheers, geordi
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  6. ThorneSwine

    New dog

    You got a photo fella? What are your plans for her? Welcome to the site.
  7. JC

    New dog

    Welcome to the site and good luck with your dog
  8. Penny 5 month old bitch. Picked up from Mildura pound. Wanted a small dog but she had an endearing personality. Perfect inside, destroyer of back yard. She is starting to respond to gentle training with treat rewards.
  9. Welcome to the site
  10. Hey everyone, new member 👋👋
  11. matt5985

    New member

    Welcome mate. Happy reading
  12. How’s it going fellas? looking forward to reading through the threads
  13. Welcome to the site nabil
  14. hey everyone how are you doing?
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  20. hi, im male 32 live in toukley nsw and am looking for other doggers or girls who wanna can chat or pic swap
  21. JC

    Hey fellas

    Welcome to the site
  22. JC


    Welcome to the site
  23. From the south coast .. run hairydogs and arabs hunt all over aus ..
  24. JC

    Hi all

    Welcome to the site Zac
  25. Hi guys, New member here just trying to figure this forum out. Cheers, Zac
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