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  2. Any updates on the nsw public land hunting? See you guys were at Inverell pig comp
  3. Last week
  4. Hey guys, new member been around hunting for quite a while and Ozzie doggers has always been a favorite to me
  5. just use normal aussie working dog breeds to do the finding and bailing. that way you look like a stockman not a pighunter.
  6. Gday Georgie . Best of luck . Plenty of great advice on here . Just gotta look for it . Im from Toronto area
  7. Hi all Been around hunting most of my life but haven’t been out using dogs for pigs. No gear or dogs yet. Hoping to network, get out, learn and grow. From Hawkesbury/ NSW area
  8. Earlier
  9. Could possibly end up like victoria rules . Flushing and pointing only . Last i heard those rules still abide and have not been amended . Least flushing and pointing dogs be better than nothin .
  10. Just need to use pig herding dogs not pig hunting dogs. Big difference. Pig hearding dogs round up the pig and hold it in one spot till it can be humanely euthanized.
  11. Yeah righto well picked up you 2 fellas . ( If dogs get banned ) thats what i posted . What i meant is --- if the use of pig dogs gets banned imo they could ban some of the gear as well .
  12. G'day Berries ...What do you hunt with your dogs ..
  13. But pig dogs or associated gear aren’t being banned it’s the practice of catching a pig with a dog that is being banned.
  14. Hi, new member here. We have German Shorthaired Pointers and terriers
  15. Hi all, new member. Love hunting just getting started with using dogs.
  16. Your dealing with none logic people mate . There well maybe a clause attached that for example dog breastplates and neck collars get banned from sale as they are part of use in pig doggin . Have to wait see aye . To me it look stupid if they banned pig dogs but its still ok to sell breastplates in same state . If dogs get banned but plate makers can still carry on with their business that be good thing for them at least .
  17. It’s only going to be illegal to catch a pig with a dog. How can it be illegal to own and sell hunting gear ? If there is no proof the hunting is happening in the state then they have no argument
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