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  2. Welcome to the site Clint
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  5. Hey how you all going I’m a hunter from Kingaroy I got two dogs pitty and a nq bullhoundx blue tick coonhound
  6. Hi I'm from vic but was born in hay nsw so have done a fair bit of hunting I've done this
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  8. All depends what you want out of your dog I do a fair bit of deer hunting and I have them out in the bush near every arvo on deer trails.
  9. Nice looking pups you got any pics of parents bud?
  10. For those who hunt their dogs 5 or 6 times a year i could probably understand . But for those who hunting near ever 2 weeks and presumably these pups may come with a guarantee if sold to people with at least half a brain of the whats whens hows of rearing and training etc the pups i think they be cheap .
  11. Nice pups but you'd never see me pay that much for a pup 😂
  12. Cheers, I'm out at Numeralla NSW 30min from Cooma starting the pups at $1000ono ready to go this Thursday.
  13. Hi I'm new here I live 40min from the Snowy Mountains, and love my hunting I'm regularly out chasing pigs and deer I run a German Wirehair Pointer and a German Shorthair pointer I'm also into Taxidermy and build custom dog cages etc. on the side and just love being in the bush with my young blokes.
  14. German Wirehair Pointer x German Shorthair Pointer Puppies for sale
  15. Heads up everyone. It’s almost time for this year’s annual general meeting in Darwin NT. It will be on August 31 at the Livingstone Recreation Reserve hall. We’ll come back to you with times and the speakers’ list. Get there if you can... https://northernterritory.com/darwin-and-surrounds/destinations/darwin
  16. G'day All, Live and hunt in the topend NT
  17. Gday 80 . What breed of lugging dog ya after ? Bullgrey --- what breed of bullgrey ? Some consider that bullgrey is bull terrier x greyhound . Others consider bullygrey is bull terrier x greyhound x some others breeds . So what breed of dog ya after to mate to your bitch ?
  18. Hi new on here looking for a lugging dog. Also looking for a bullygrey male to put over my bitch must be north qld
  19. No i dont believe it is in NT. Would be difficult to get the best out of dogs there I would think from the heat. They def work better during cooler months here or at night during summer.
  20. Hi vromme do you know if any one UK in the Northern Territory that does IPO I am interested in checking it out. I did look a while back but didn’t find anyone. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Welcome mate. Where bouts you from?
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