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  1. Seems to work around here on young dogs. Older dogs just stay away. Same with pigs.
  2. They will catch you a pig if that is all your after. Most bull breeds will but like others have said there are much better choices out there.
  3. ??

    Put ya pineapple up ya arse NNN
  4. ??

    No pineapple on pizza
  5. ??

    Are you wondering which way to vote
  6. hello.

    River from RH ??
  7. F UCK the Kiwis hahahahahaha
  8. G'day Piggers

    welcome mate ,nice part of the world
  9. Im New

    have you ever caught a pig before
  10. beta tell Nay to send a roll of gafa tape to mate. :thumbup:
  11. com on Glenno, don't forget George, he also has a 12mth old maltese x that sits on his lap and licks his balls
  12. who the flick said we where freinds

  13. GZB is that George, Zarly, Bear :D
  14. you'll be right now mate , just got to post twice.