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    I like my dogs like i like my women, white and hairy.
  1. dingo baiting

    Not very effective if that is the only type of controlling they do. Most of the smarter old bitches will teach pups not to touch them. plus its a shit cruel death to whatever eats them. and crows and other birds will pick them up and spreads them about.
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    welcome mate
  3. hi all (((-;

    welcome mate
  4. Hello from Ireland

    welcome to the site mate. good looking dogs too.
  5. Hey

    welcome mate. tell us a bit about yourself and how you hunt.
  6. you describe it so well its like i was there backing you up with my trusty swiss army knife
  7. Hey There Peeps

    welcome to the site frank. how long you lived in cobar ?
  8. Hey There Peeps

    terry you and your arabs wouldnt handle it out there.
  9. welcome to the site mate. goo might be able to hepl you out with a pup that your chasing his mate breeds them.
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    welcome to the site mate..
  11. Gday

    welcome to the site mate. there is a good bunch of blokes on here with running dogs as well as all types of hunters.
  12. Howdy From Texas

    welcome to the site mate. i reckon you will find what you need here there is plenty of blokes with the know how and experience. i dont know what type of material you guy's use over there but lighter dosnt always mean weaker when it comes to what you use in a chestplate (or cutvest). i use a material from a mine its a type of filter cloth and looks like a white fire blanket when layed out but 2 or 3 layers of it will stop any tusk. ive had a couple of the collars since 2005 and they are still going strong. i tried the 2 layer and the 3 layer. here is a pic of the plates i use
  13. Introduction

    welcome to the site mate.
  14. Hi All

    welcome to the site mate.
  15. G'day

    welcome to the site mate.