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    Welcome to the site
  3. Hi, We have a whippet x staghound and I'm looking for another dog. Cheers Jayne
  4. Hey guys, I’m into hunting, fishing, foraging and growing my own food. Never really had a dog to go pigging with but love the breeds that often make up a pigging dog. Im really looking for a new puppy. Something big, friendly and good with kids. I had a Doberman x Dane/mastiff something and she was the most beautiful companion dog. Keen to see what’s available and also to explore the site while I’m here! Cheers, Stu
  5. G'day all. got an old Dane x Pointer, good scent dog, now she's old she's my rabbiting dog! looking to learn more about running dogs & terriers, suits the Vic game a bit better cheers for the ad 👌
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    Welcome mate
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    Hello! Welcome to Ozzie Doggers!
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    Hi everyone
  10. this is going to teach me more then school did 😂🐗
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  12. Gday all new to the site
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    Welcome back mate
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    Welcome mate
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    Welcome to the site Adam
  16. Hi all, I’ve been on this site previously but lost my log in details when the site changed over two the new owners. Interested to see how it’s going these days.
  17. Gday all hope to enjoy the site haven’t been on here in years cheers
  18. Shanegilby

    Welcome to the site
  19. Syrah08 Hello

    Welcome to Ozzie Doggers!
  20. Syrah08 Hello

    G'day Syrah ..............Put up some pic's of your dog's . Regards ............. Ken ...........
  21. Hi there been awhile since I’ve had a look on here. Learning a lot about Kelpies .Had a Blast Mustering at Mr Carrads place in NZ with young Kelpie .We didn’t disgrace ourselves so got to come back & help few more times .This was our first Go ever! It opened a few eyes regarding Kelpies can actually work sheep ,they are not Just a Yard Dog.
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    Welcome to the forum! What dog training are you specifically looking for?
  23. Looking for some dog training info.
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    Thanks mate
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